Buchsteiner decoration & personalisation

We offer our customers a large variety of different possibilities of decoration and personalisation of our products.

Screen Print

Several of our products can be printed individually in one or several colours according to your demands starting at a minimum run of only 500 pcs.



With certain minimum run quantities we also offer the possibility of labelling a lot of our products for you.



Special top-sellers of our Original Buchsteiner Klickboxes® can also be produced with an integrated, embossed brand or logo on top of the lid of the boxes. The necessary adjustments in our injection moulds are done by Buchsteiner. Please note that minimum runs are required.


In-Mould-Label IML for special top-sellers of our Original Buchsteiner Klickboxes®

IML labels allow the decoration of our boxes with photorealistic pictures in perfect design
The production of the box plus the labelling is done in one process in ordert o make sure that the labels offer a maximum of durability and highest precision in placing the labels
Perfect for all packaging and promotion solutions






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